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MediaWorks Interactive is the digital home of some of NZ's best loved TV and Radio brands including 3 News, TV3, FOUR, The Edge, The Rock, GeorgeFM, Mai FM and More FM. From the continuous newsdesk at and our acclaimed 3 News mobile and tablet Apps, to The Block NZ fanzone to The Edge’s 200,000-strong Facebook community, we cover all aspects of the online process. We plan it, design it, build it, content it, track it, report on it, optimise it and sell it. We are a unique business in the NZ online media industry. And a uniquely awesome place to work.

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Online Advertising NZ

MediaWorks Interactive owns and operates a family of Radio and TV entertainment and news websites, mobile and tablet Apps, and social media communities that add value to our audience and clients. Digital is the natural extension of the Radio and TV brands that are known and loved by loyal fans, (nearly 2 million Facebook fans are testament to that), and perfectly complements the viewing/listening experience.

People’s passion for their favourite Radio stations or TV shows translates to high engagement advertising. Our showcase has some great examples of the fantastic premium placements and creative work we produce to deliver outstanding results for our clients. A vast range of options is available across multiple platforms including Smart TV’s, Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones.

One of the things that makes MediaWorks Interactive different from other digital Publishers is that we can provide full service. Ensuring your creative gets seen by the relevant target audience is one thing, but we do much more than that. We lead the market in storming the right idea and building the creative to bring that idea to life. It’s this full service and unique understanding of our audience that ensures our customers really do connect and achieve market leading results.

Advertising across MediaWorks sites through highly targeted and accountable placements will deliver your messages to the right people at times when they are in a lean forward media consumption mindset and are predisposed to be more receptive to advertising and marketing. Whilst online advertising is the perfect additional to your TV or Radio advertising campaigns to reinforce your advertising and increase the likelihood of buying and using a product it is also extremely effective as a solus media . Click our Ecostore case study to view the outstanding results delivered through stand-alone use of our sites.

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