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The Policy sets out the basis on which MediaWorks is working towards environmental sustainability in its operations.


1. Protection of the Biosphere
We will take all practicable steps in our operations to prevent and minimise the release of any pollutant that may cause environmental damage.

2. Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
We aim to use natural resources in a sustainable way. In planning, building and operating our transmission network and in our day to day operations we will take all practicable steps to minimise harmful effects on the environment. In all our operations we will actively seek to use renewable energy sources where it is practical to do so.

3. Reduction and Disposal of Waste
We aim to minimise waste, especially hazardous waste, and wherever practicable recycle materials in our operations. We will dispose of our waste through safe and responsible methods. We will seek to purchase long life assets and assets that can be re-used within our community where that can be done efficiently to meet operational requirements.

4. Wise Use of Energy
We will take all practicable steps to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources to meet our needs. We will invest in improved energy efficiency and conservation in our operations. In planning, building and operating our transmission network and in our day to day operations we will use good industry practice to promote the wise use of energy.

5. Risk Reduction
We will use our best efforts to understand the risks to the environment that our operations pose and, based on an assessment of those risks, prioritise our efforts to eliminate or minimise potential environmental hazards caused by our operations. We will take all practicable steps to employ safe technologies and operating procedures and we will proactively prepare for emergencies. We aim for continuous improvement in our environmental management performance.

6. Restoration of the Environment
Where we have directly caused harm to the environment through operating other than in accordance with good industry practice we will take all practicable steps to restore the environment to its previous unharmed state.

7. Commitment of Management Resources
We will commit financial and management resources to maintain these principles, including training resources to meet these principles.

8. Review
We will work toward the timely creation of sustainable management procedures and targets that will be reviewed on a regular basis.

9. Disclosure
We will ensure that our employees are aware of all known "significant environmental risks" within their
area of work. We will annually report our performance against environmental targets to employees.

This policy in respect of environmental sustainability was adopted on 21 October 2008.