case studies

Rodney Wayne Client Testimonial - Bravo

Aligning with Bravo's fresh, unscripted content, New Zealand's #1 hair salon brand decided to make a come-back to TV.

Milwaukee CRC Motorsport Partnership

Milwaukee Tools entered new territory when it joined forces with Three's CRC Motorsport for their a brand new cross-platform promotion...

Cool Town Bro

As the broadcast sponsor and general good mates with the boys, Hallenstein Brothers were keen to undertake a large scale promotion that would create..

The Edge TV Showcase

In The Edge’s biggest promotion of the year, Vodafone Mates saw our young participant Meg marooned on a barge in the middle of.....

Sleep Drops

The challenge for Kristen Taylor, managing director of Sleep Drops, was - how best to launch a new product into a crowded pharmaceutical market place,

Dove Men + Care

Dove Men +Care launched ‘The Real Strength’ campaign to explore the caring side of the modern man and to break the stereotype of the tough, strong, ki

Viv's Kitchen

In 2013, Duncan Garner was travelling around NZ with RadioLIVE and came across Viv’s Kitchen, in Sanson. He stopped in....

Give It A V, Ice Challenge

The challenge was to build awareness of the ‘Give it a V’ sentiment – all about taking an ordinary idea and turning it into something awesome!....

Red Friday - The Warehouse

The challenge was to develop a campaign that would capture the attention of the Edge's predominantly 15-29 year old audience and make sure all Edge li

TRESEMME 365 Project

After 6 months of the T365 project, TRESemmé identified the opportunity to create a two way conversation with their audience ....

Vodafone Snapchat Champion

To drive Kiwis to the Vodafone NZ snapchat channel in the lead up to the awards show, Vodafone launched a ....