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Playing mainstream modern rock music, The Rock is irreverent funny, and enormously popular with all socio-economic groups.

The Rock drives a loyal audience to your door.

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Brand Fans

Brand Fans

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Demographics: 25 - 44 years, male skewed
Avg Monthly PIs: 1,619,000
Avg Monthly UBs: 269,000
Avg monthly video streams: 35,000
Avg monthly unique viewers: 17,000
Avg monthly Listen Live Streams: 95,000
eLetter Database: 68,753
Facebook Fans: 138,686
Twitter Followers: 8,427

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Top Opportunities

The Rock eLetter
63,581 self-subscribed members and sent out weekly, The Rock eLetter offers advertisers solus branding.

Listen Live
21,800 estimated streams per week, Listen Live offers premium placement to advertisers with an in player banner which is visible for as long as a listener is on the page, as well as a 15” audio pre-roll.

Studio TXT
Every month over 7,500 text messages are sent to The Rock studio. Advertisers can buy the text bounce back (approx 80 characters) and speak to their audience in their language.

Poll Sponsorship
Find out what your audience is thinking by sponsoring The Rock Poll. Users can vote, then comment on the poll.

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