If your community-based charity would like to ask for support, please contact Sarah Cotter.

Please include:

  • A brief overview of your charity
  • An overview of the activity you'd like to run
  • The dates of your activity (please get in touch at least 8weeks before)
  • The region/s that you would like to engage with this activity

All requests for support will be assessed, and we will get in touch with you to let you know the status. 


Step 1:  Check that your charity's vision fits with our objectives. If you're still not clear whether you fit our criteria or focus, we're happy to talk. Call us  on (09) 366 5919. 

Step 2: Complete an online application form by following the appropriate link below. Applications for 2018/2019 are open,


When telling us about your project, please talk about:

  • The disadvantages faced by the children and young people you support, and what effects these have on their lives
  • What your charity/project does or will do, and how its activities help/will help make a difference to children's lives
  • The difference that will occur in the time you are in contact with the children you support. It can be a small change or a lasting change
  • The three most important differences your project will make that will improve children's lives. This is the aspect of your application that interests us most

For more information please email Sarah Cotter


What is the MediaWorks Foundation?

The MediaWorks Foundation is a registered charity that supports national and community charities dedicated to significantly improving the lives of New Zealanders. The MediaWorks Foundation identifies and addresses some of the key issues that New Zealanders care about, and partners with organisations that address these issues to help create positive change.

Who does the Foundation support?

The Foundation's vision is to significantly improve the lives of New Zealanders. We asked the NZ public, our customers and our staff to tell us about the issues they care most about. Based on feedback from almost 27,000 people, the most important issues are the disadvantages that some children in New Zealand face. This research has helped us to form the Foundation's vision for our National Charity Partnership Programme, that every child and young person in New Zealand has the chance to reach their full potential.

Through our Community Support Programme we support hundreds of community-based charities each year that are doing bright things that make people shine. 

How does it work?

The MediaWorks Foundation partners with selected charities to develop strategies and projects that generate mass-awareness, measurable impact as well as donations from the public to support our vision. To support these projects, the MediaWorks Foundation administers $4.65million of media resources each year, as well as manpower, mentoring and resources, to New Zealand-based charity projects.

How do we help?

We help by leveraging our scale, reach and brands to shine the spotlight on the issues, as well as the initiatives that will make a difference. Within a framework, we use our resources: our people, brands and share of voice (including $4.65million of media resources) to unite New Zealanders with the intention of affecting positive and measurable outcomes.

The MediaWorks Foundation runs programmes at two levels: National and Community.

  • National Charity Partnerships: Undertaken at a national level with a small number of national charities that each have a specific project addressing our key objectives with clear outcomes.
  • Community Support: Undertaken at a community level in the 22 markets where MediaWorks operates. The programme is predominantly led by local MediaWorks radio stations with support from other MediaWorks radio stations.

Can we contact the MediaWorks Foundation directly?

Yes, if you're interested in applying we would love to hear from you. Please give us a call on 09 366 5919 or email us.

Am I eligible to apply?

If you are a registered charity and your work supports our vision then you are eligible to apply for either our National Charity Partnership Programme and/or Community Support.

Find out your tax status here

The project you sponsor must either be part of, or eligible to be, a registered charity, under New Zealand law. This is possible to achieve if it meets charitable criteria. Please see the Department of Internal Affairs here.

Will the Foundation invest in projects that make a commercial return?

No, the project must have the primary objective of improving the lives of New Zealanders and be focussed on delivering measurable outcomes for the people it supports.

What doesn't the Foundation support?

  • Anything not clearly linked to our purpose and key objectives
  • Capital items (buildings, vehicles, equipment)
  • Overseas organisations and overseas travel
  • Individuals
  • Projects already complete
  • The promotion of religious belief