National Charity Partnership Programme

It should be a birthright that every child and young person in New Zealand has the chance to reach their full potential, but sometimes they experience disadvantages that can hold them back.  We believe that children and young people have a basic set of needs that have to be to met to grow their capacity and help them to shine. They are:

  • Being physically safe
  • Being physically well
  • Being emotionally well
  • Having strong self-belief
  • Having positive relationships

  • Having essential skills.

  • Being positively empowered

We partner with national charity organisations whose work supports one or more of these needs, and work together to develop creative strategies that engage, entertain and inform the New Zealand public, in turn generating awareness, support and impact for the next generation.

The 2019-20 round is now closed. Please check back in April 2020.

If you have any questions please contact us by email here

Our 2018-19 National Charity Partners


The MediaWorks Foundation Incorporated is a Registered Charity. Charities Commission Registration No. CC5189