Gull and rova's ShakeMe!

First to market innovation with rova 'ShakeMe'

MediaWorks amplified Gull’s discount day targeting customers in real time with Unforgettable results. Using rova’s ‘ShakeMe’ in a first to market innovation! 

Kiwis love a discount, especially when it comes to fuel prices. So Gull’s upcoming Discount Day couldn’t come fast enough. The brand is known for leveraging innovative ways to capture attention and drive urgency. To amplify urgency Gull needed to direct consumers’ to their closest station at the moment of being served the limited time offer.

The Solution? 

rova’s newest feature ShakeMe, serving dynamic audio creative in the lead up and day of the promotion. This first to market innovation encouraged Kiwis, once served with the advertisement, to shake their phone which seamlessly migrated them to a bespoke landing page with the offer and closest Gull station. 

The frequent branding and geo-targeting technology built hype around the promotion, ensuring that the messaging was heard. After the discount day, MediaWorks continued to serve rova ShakeMe advertising encouraging listeners to sign up to Gull’s database to guarantee they won’t miss out on any future Gull promotions.

  • Dynamic audio creative va ShakeMe in the lead up & on the day
  • Once served - customers shook their phones migrating them to a bespoke landing page with the offer and their closest Gull Station 
  • Branding and geo-targeting technloogy built hype & awareness
  • POST - rova ShakeMe encouraged listeners to sign up to Gull's database 

Client Results: 

  • 46% inrease in alerts page views (database signup page) 
  • 53% increase overall web visits during the discount day 
  • 200% increase in the station locator section 

Digital Results - Lead up To & Day Of Gull’s Discount Day

  • 470,000 Impressions
  • 120,000 Unique Users
  • 6,500 Shakes

"I am absolutely stoked about the engagement with 11,236 shakes and counting (in the 33 ays after the June Discount Day) with a jump in page views on the Gull website" ~ Caitlin Kropach, Gull Brand Manager