Insights into Rural New Zealand

Greener shoots are on the horizon for Rural NZ! 

What is happening in Rural NZ?

Farmers have had quite a hard slog this current season with rising input costs and weather events making times tough for a lot of farmers across the county. Because of this our rural audiences are likely to be tightening their belts and cutting back on non-essential spending.

With these audiences cutting back on their expenditure, advertisers targeting these people should focus on building future demand, so they are top of mind when spending is deemed essential (such as when equipment breaks down) or as the economy picks up.

Agricultural Sector advertising spend has dropped by 1/3 YOY (Jan-Apr vs. same period last year). This gives advertisers who maintain or grow their spend YOY a distinct market advantage, where they can increase ROI on their advertising spend and be better poised than their competitors to rebound faster when the economy picks up.

Read more here where we look at the sector and media consumption habits of the following audiences:

  • Farm Owner/Managers
  • Agricultural Workers
  • All Rural Residents

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