How AI will change marketing as we know it

How AI will change marketing as we know it

Check out our key takeaways from the MediaWorks & Marketing Associations' Think Again Series  'How AI will change Marketing as we know it'

Our very own, Sharyn Casey, from The Edge Afternoons, took to the stage with a panel of senior marketing, AI and business leaders to delve into the thrilling world of AI and the game changing impacts & opportunities for brands across Aotearoa.

Our panel didn't disappoint; with real examples and robust discussion around governance, getting started and unlocking AI's full potential.

The juiciest takeaways are condensed into four bite-sized reels (plus a highlights reel)  so you can savour the delicious tidbits on AI whenever you'd like.  Get your takeaways below! 

The key takeaways on AI.
00:00 / 01:27
Setting the Scene
Where does AI fit and how do we use this tool?
00:00 / 06:06
Who owns AI?
Encouraging curiosity, guard rails and pitfalls.
00:00 / 04:42
Descending into Dystopia
Understanding the application & maintaining brand trust.
00:00 / 06:12
Looking forward!
Final words of wisdom on AI.
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