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TV Material Deadlines

All material for broadcasting and written instructions must be received by the Network at least three working days (which shall not include Saturday, Sunday or public holidays observed during the time in which the instructions are received) prior to the date of the first broadcast and conform to all applicable prescribed conditions and standards.

All notices, material, instructions or bookings must be in writing or electronic transmission. The Network shall not be responsible for incorrect material or broadcast if instructions are not received in that form.

Amendments to material outside the hours of 8.30am to 5.30pm should be directed to the After Hours Traffic mobile number:
021 472 571
The 'on-call' person will then action the necessary amendment.

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MediaWorks TV will recognise the following industry agreed demographics:

5-12            Females 15-34 Males 15-34       HHS 20-44
10-19 Females 18-39 Males 18-39    HHS 25-54
15-29 Females 18-49 Males 18-49 HHS w/ kids 0-14
15-39 Females 25-54 Males 25-54 25-54 Soc 1-3
18-39 Females 40-64 Males 40-64 25-54 HHI $60k+
18-49 Females HHS 25-49   Homeowners 25-54
25-54 Females 18-49 w/ kids 0-9yrs   Maori & Pacific Island

placement surcharges

Fixed In Break     5.0%
Fixed in Break - consecutive breaks  5.0% (per spot)
Fixed Position in Break 10.0% (per spot)
True First / Last in Break  20.0%
Solus Break  Ratecard (minimum 60 second duration)