The Edge TV Showcase

In The Edge’s biggest promotion of the year, Vodafone Mates saw our young participant Meg marooned on a barge in the middle of Auckland harbour for a full week, all so her friends could party it up in Fiji. The Edge TV documented Meg’s journey as she completed numerous, and often messy, challenges in order to add awesome experiences to her friends’ island holiday. What Meg didn’t realise was that her selfless 7 days on the lonesome barge would win her $10,000! 

The Edge TV also provides behind-the-scenes footage to VIP Events like the Broods Rooftop Party and JayJay, Dom and Randall’s Secret Stage with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Secret Stage saw ticket holders go in the draw to see the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at a confidential location for a lucky select few. The Edge TV allowed audiences to follow along on the journey, giving them the full VIP experience right at home. 

Live shows such as Smash TV and Takeaways provide awesome sponsored content. Over 'Got a Trade' week hosts Steph and Marty from Smash challenged each other to win a trade or service related task. Viewers were asked to text in who they thought was better at executing the challenge for a $200 cash prize. On Takeaways, Chang dressed in an outfit relating to a different trade or service each night, with viewers encouraged to text in to tell us what Chang was dressed in to win a $1,000 cash prize. 

With all this and more, The Edge TV is a destination channel for everyone who loves pop culture and everything ‘The Edge’.