Brand new rova original podcast with - Where's My Money?

Brand new rova original podcast in collaboration with - Where's My Money? 

MediaWorks teams up with to change kiwis outlook on money with brand new podcast! 

A brand new rova original podcast Where’s My Money? dropped today and follows host Reagan White’s journey from crippling debt to financial freedom with the help of some experts along the way. Made in collaboration with top New Zealand financial advisers, Where’s My Money? is more than just a story about a father of two who is living with the stress of over one million dollars of debt - it’s an educational and motivational journey towards financial success that relates to all Kiwis.

MediaWorks Podcast Content Director Willy Macalister says: “We’ve been wanting to offer Kiwis a relatable and digestible financial podcast that wasn’t just the traditional expert-on-expert talking numbers. Reagan’s story as a Kiwi bloke who thought he was making smart choices with money only to find himself staring down the barrel of a potential mortgagee sale is painfully relatable to so many. Thanks to we’re offering listeners the opportunity to start to transform the way they think about money, while at the same time being moved and entertained.”, part of the AMP Group, specialises in personalised financial strategy and coaching, with a range of programmes that have helped thousands of Kiwis get in control of their finances, get mortgage free faster and grow wealth. Whether it's battling debt, investing for the future, or just trying to make ends meet, Where’s My Money? is a podcast that's about aspiring real financial health.

Hannah McQueen, Founder says: “So much of what you hear in the media about finances is tips and tricks, which only scratch the surface. Where’s My Money? gives you an unvarnished peek behind the curtain at the emotion, the pitfalls, and nuances of righting the ship and setting the course for financial success.

In talking about his finances, Reagan is doing what most Kiwis wouldn’t dare to, and it’s powerful – it allows others to learn from his experience and see the life changing power of financial coaching, which usually only happens behind closed doors.

I hope it will empower more Kiwis to take charge of their own financial lives, improve their relationship with money - and reap the benefits”.

Where’s My Money? showcases a unique partnership structure - it isn't just a sponsorship, but a deep and authentic involvement explored through the lens of genuine storytelling.

Over 10 episodes, with the first two available now on rova, Where’s My Money? will look at exactly how we can all be better with our finances. Listeners will be able to follow Reagan’s journey to financial independence with coaching and tips from respected experts, engaging stories from guests and audience interaction.


For more information please contact: Rose Swale - Publicity Manager / 021 406 136