Catch the bus to success!

Catch the bus to success! Kellogg's bus campaign drives brand impact.

MediaWorks used bus advertising to help drive brand values and consideration for a much loved staple in Kiwi households - Kellogg’s Special K.


Kellogg's introduced a fresh creative direction for Special K with the goal to cultivate significant brand consideration within a competitive product category. MediaWorks aimed to showcase how bus advertising effectively drives impactful brand campaigns for FMCG products, fostering long-lasting brand recognition to ignite future demand



Special K’s creative was brought to life through a 4 week campaign on bus backs across Auckland. The activity run in isolation to any other media, and was not supported with any price promotion or special in store merchandise. Our goal was to showcase the power of our bus advertising by leveraging the MediaWorks Opinionation panel to assess the campaign's effectiveness. The analysis concentrated on comparing results between the control and exposed groups across essential marketing objectives. 



  • Prompted ad recall +13% vs MediaWorks norms
  • 37% Ad likeability
  • +40% Consideration vs control group
  • Purchase intent up +120% vs control group

“The ad worked really well on buses. The creative cut through, and got people thinking about Special K. With MediaWorks’ bus network, we were able to achieve strong share of voice, which we believe led to such strong purchase intent.” - Kellogg's