MediaWorks unveils pivotal media analysis by industry leader, Steve Tindall

MediaWorks unveils pivotal media analysis by industry leader, Steve Tindall

A new study by media industry veteran Steven Tindall highlights the efficiency and reach of radio and outdoor advertising, particularly when combined. The findings by Tindall, a highly respected industry leader with more than 25 years in the communications field, were revealed in a series of roadshows held by MediaWorks with its agency partners. The study, commissioned by MediaWorks, examined the critical challenges for marketers with diminishing audiences in linear tv and escalating costs to reach consumers.

Key insights from the analysis are:


For advertisers requiring mass reach at velocity, media channel options are becoming increasingly limited

In a time of audience fragmentation, over the past 10 years radio and outdoor have consistently delivered audience reach at scale

When combined, radio and outdoor advertising provide enhanced reach, achieving a 42% increase among the 25-54 age group and an 80% rise against the 18-39 demographic after employing 300 gross rating points (GRP)

Audio advertising is twice as cost-efficient as TV in reaching the 25-54 demographic, with outdoor advertising offering a fourfold efficiency advantage

The research shows radio maintains robust audience delivery throughout the day, while large format outdoor advertising quickly establishes and sustains high visibility early in campaigns. Outdoor performance is further strengthened with the use of additional formats and programmatic buying flexibility. MediaWorks, New Zealand’s largest provider of radio and outdoor audiences, is uniquely positioned to help marketers leverage these platforms for extensive and effective brand exposure through a combination of audio and visual messages.

On releasing the analysis, Steve Tindall said, "This research highlights the shifting landscape of media consumption. The urgent need for mass reach means marketers need to adapt their channel mix. Integrating radio with outdoor advertising delivers a powerful solution that not only extends reach but also engages audiences more effectively and efficiently, delivering mass reach at velocity."

MediaWorks Head of Agency Paul Hancox added, 

"Steve’s thorough analysis highlights the need for an evolving approach to channel planning in a fragmented media landscape. Getting the most out of hard won budgets is top of mind for all marketers and this research provides compelling rationale to include radio and outdoor in the mix."

Radio and Outdoor deliver Audio & Visual at scale

Source: Nielsen TAM, All TV 1+ Reach, February 2024, Radio and LF OOH Industry currency data (GfK and Calibre) deduplicated using the Sainsbury formula. - 1