Audio and Brand Building Effectiveness

Audio and Brand Building Effectiveness

Radio advertising is one of the most powerful, cost-effective ways to reach and target an engaged and receptive audience at both local and national scale.  

Listeners have a strong brand affinity and a high emotional attachment with their chosen stations, which creates a positive impact on brands. 

Radio can help improve brand metrics such as awareness and consideration. For example, UK radio listeners demonstrate significantly higher ad awareness/brand consideration of radio advertised brands. 

There are three main reasons why radio messages land effectively:


Research by Nielsen in the UK shows that advertising claims made on broadcast radio are considered more trustworthy than those made on any other channel. This is true across every age group.


Broadcast radio provides the companionship and connection people crave. Hosts and DJ’s are integral to this. In many ways, radio can be thought of as the original influencer channel; with advertising fitting seamlessly into the conversational flow.

An antidote to visual overload. Break through the visual clutter with audio.