MediaWorks multi format approach

MediaWorks multi format approach

Ad recall and receptivity is boosted significantly when advertisers can capture the mood and activities of their audience at certain times of the day.

MediaWorks have the media channels that perfectly present this opportunity, at different moments throughout the day - helping you deliver a relevant message at a relevant time - with the aim of rousing enough brand consideration to drive people online, to your brand.

Audio & Outdoor

Audio can provide the brand voice to the brand image displayed on outdoor. The rise of digital billboards is creating new opportunities for tactical messaging. For example advertisers can display what is being talked about on the radio on DOOH in real time to enhance cut-through with commuters.


The real-time nature of Audio & OOH strongly complements the on-demand nature of online media. Audio & OOH excel at reaching out and spreading awareness of brands, and the internet is highly effective in allowing consumers to pursue their interest in a product or service, up to and including the point of purchase.

Source: OOHMAA NZ / Analytics Partners Ad ROI Study 2022, Radio Centre UK / Neuro-Insight 2019