Summer engagement!

Summer engagement!

As exposure to sunlight increases - so does consumer spending.

During the summer months consumers out and about a lot more and primed for spending. People are celebrating the festive season and spending money at restaurants & bars catching up with friends. Summer is also a time when consumers are motivated to make changes to their lives for the new year—whether that be a new fitness challenge, wardrobe refresh, house reset or starting a new hobby. 

Longer days and sunglight create a happier more alert mind. Consumers are excited to plan for the new year and a fresh start - this is a perfect time for brands to prime their consumers with Outdoor Advertising & Radio. Traffic remains pretty consistent over the summer period (Dec/Jan) . We see traffic levels dip for 2 weeks over Christmas/New Years but bounce back rather quickly from early January. Baseline traffic levels across the main mets dip below the 100% baseline level for only a very short period.

Consumers are more receptive when they are out and about 

Radio and OOH media are both consumed by active people when they are out-and-about, the Primal advantage neuro research shows that people are 2.5x more alert when they are out of the home, compared to spending time at home with TV & social media. This alertness increases our ability to remember messages at a glance. Combining both channels enables brands to be part of a variety of moments and create greater impact. 

Outdoor drives people online 

  • Consumers who see OOH advertising are 63% more likely to take an online brand action, according to an analysis of more than 50 OOH campaigns in the UK between 2015 and 2020 from outdoor media specialist Posterscope.
  • Consumers who saw OOH campaigns were also 56% more likely to make an online purchase from the brand, while in-store visits were 46% more likely and in-store purchases 28% more likely.

Audio generates mass reach 

  • Audio has universal appeal with a broad demographic reach, and is listened to in wide variety of different locations, both at home/work and on-the-go. 
  • Listeners have a strong brand affinity and a high emotional attachment with their chosen stations, which creates a positive impact on brands.

rova Engagement rises 

As our audience were enjoying their holidays, and entertaining more, our Music+ audience increased by 28%, and engagement (time spent listening) increases by 36%.

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