Travel is back

Travel is back!

With Covid-19 restrictions all but gone - Domestic & International travel is re-emerging as a key category for the NZ ad market & economy. 

The importance of travel remains strong. Although Kiwis are planning to pull back spend in some areas, they are still keen to spend on both domestic & international travel in the next 3-6 months. In a recent Tony Alexander survey, 16% of respondents say that they are planning to spend more on Travel.  The desire to travel domestically and internationally remains strong for many Kiwis and they are willing to cut back in other areas to make it happen.

  • 90% of New Zealanders are planning to take a holiday 
  • 81% will travel within our shores

Not only are Kiwi's keen on the thought of travel - but International arrivals are on the rise! Oversea's visitors were up 42% on the month prior for July 2022. 

  • +45K Cruise Ship arrivals before Christmas 
  • $5bn International Students (20K people) 
  • +16K Seasonal Works (people per year) 
  • 3.8M International visitors per year

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Source: Tony’s View, Spending Plans Survey, September 2022. Consumer spending plans less dire. Source: Nielsen CMI Q2 2021 - Q1 2022 based on those who intend to travel internationally n12m or domestically n12m.